We Went To Paris

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The weekend before last, Thom and I went to Paris. Booked on a whim when Eurostar had a sale, the trip was a welcome break from the repetitive nature our weekends have taken on of late. We loved it.

How to do Paris the Thom & Charlotte way
Book a cheap hotel near Montmartre - marvel at the French definition of a twin room, find it very amusing when one of you accidentally kicks the panel on the side of the bath, and it falls off. Spend 9 straight hours walking in random circles around the city, somehow managing to cover off both tourist attractions and more random pursuits, such as tiny Parisian pet shops. Watch in wonder as Thom falls madly in love with a (adorable, admittedly) French hamster, who will forever now be known as ‘George.’ Eat macarons in Montmartre after fighting off men trying to lure you in with friendship bracelets. Nap. Watch a strange TV show consisting of sloths yawning, while Ed Sheeran plays in the background. Get very drunk on cheap wine, play never have I ever. Take a stroll through the sex district in pursuit of a place to drink – stumble into a private club that lets you off being on the guest list, purely because they have no idea what you’re saying to them. Leave very quickly. Eat a Royale with cheese in bed whilst watching the French version of The Voice. Walk some more. Go to an enormous and slightly terrifying flea market, where everything appears to be made of tartan. Eat a baguette. Buy souvenirs. Go home.

To visit
- Shakespeare & Company – the most beautiful bookshop I’ve ever encountered.
- Sacre Coeur – more specifically, the outside of it. The view is worth the lifetime of steps/the harsh realisation that you need to get yourself to a gym, immediately.
- & the obvious ones, too – The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Champs Elysees, the love lock bridge, etc.

To eat
- Macarons – available at most bakeries.
- Crème Brulee and a cup of tea – Café Des Deux Moulins (the Amelie café.)

To remember
Look up, the architecture is beautiful.


  1. I love Paris! Been there twice but would love to come back to refresh my memory :)

    Katrina Sophia

  2. Charlotte... you make me want to visit Paris with you... lol... sounds like tons of fun :-) ♡

    (Side note... how do you keep up 3 blogs?... I can barely keep up one :-) ... ♡

    1. The secret is to never update any of them, haha! xx

  3. Oh well done for fighting off those men with their friendship bracelets Charlotte, they are so persistent! It sounds like you had an action-packed Parisian weekend : ) Walking around the city is the best way to see the city in all its glory xx


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